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Hey lovely people, I’m sorry for the late reply!

The days to reblog the giveaway ended, and I have already selected the winners!

The winner of the first place who win three items of his/her choice is 3xo-planet

The winner of the second place who win two items of his/her choice is tao-booty

The winner of the third place who win one item plus a little surprise is babyinspirit1


And a thank you to everyone for partecipating! I love you all!


*flicks holy water on you* leave

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vampire!soo casually sucking your soul

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changmin arrives a little late to an anxious jongsoo. they’re very, very happy to see each other ♥

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Anonymous sent: you'll pick a winner by using random number generator?


24 hours~ shy sik

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How DARE you.

(also as you can see changing the comic name to Place of Princes because that’s shorter and you can can call it pop wich is cute :3)


a harry potter au where potions is taught by gordon ramsay

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.. are you guys ok

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